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Furniture coating / Wood floor coating
Requirements Benefits
Highly scrub resistant
Highly mar resistant (ISO 68000)
Natural look
Available in any colour
High transparency for clear coats
Increased scrub resistance (fine types like 10 or 20)
Enhanced mar resistance (lower content of fumed silica) to fulfil requirements of DIN / ISO 68000
A multicolour effect with pigmented types
Texture (different textures depending on the application method and particle sizes are possible )
With the coarser DECOSILK® ART types the slip resistance will be enhanced as well
DECOSILK® ART gives a highly transparent Anti Slip effect


Floor coating in general / Anti slip coating
Requirements Benefits
Upon stumbling and sliding over it the skin should not be injured (no abrasiveness)
Low specific density of the effect pigment (easy to stabilize)
Highly scrub resistant
Highly mar resistant (ISO 68000)
No dirt pick up, no marks from shoe soles
All the benefits mentioned above
A texture like stone wall plaster is possible as well
Because of the relative low specific density, DECOSILK® ART is easy to stabilize in the system
DECOSILK® ART is not abrasive


TV housing / consumer electronics
Requirements Benefits
One component, one layer system
Highly scrub resistant
Highly mar resistant (ISO 68000)
Mainly water borne binders
Highly hydrolysis resistant
Different effects are possible:
  just a texture
  in combination with aluminium pigments a sparkling effect is possible
  if the fine types are used no texture will be achieved
  All effects will give a better scrub resistance to the system
  Due to lower content of fumed silica the mar and hydrolysis resistance will be increased as well



Wall coating
Requirements Benefits
Soft, flexible binder resin, water borne
Coating applied as heavy layer
Must bridge wall cracks without breaking
Must dry at room temperature without micro cracking
As a coating it is hardwearing
Any skin contact should not cause injury
Wear resistance is multiplied
Micro cracking in heavy layers is limited
Due to the round shape of the particles on the surface the danger for skin injuries is greatly reduced
Multicolour effect through structural pigments of large particle size (90-200µ)

Our DECOSILK® ART product types