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Whether at home, at work or in the car, people have a natural desire to live in a comfortable and pleasant environment. Over 20 years ago a group of specialists therefore started innovative product developments by combining different types of polymers and mixing different colours, grades and particle sizes. The target was to create surfaces that match the look and feel of natural materials while adding a variety of functional benefits.

Today, is one of the leading producers of polymeric micro beads for such use in paints and varnishes. Backed by a wealth of experience, knows how to give surfaces the soft, warm and velvety like touch, how to obtain a fine matt appearance, how to add resistance against abrasion and how to enhance light stability.

products, developed and manufactured in Switzerland, are distributed from there under the trade names DECOSOFT® and DECOSILK® ART in over 50 countries throughout the world.

guarantees to meet modern trends by providing a well balanced blend of functionality and aesthetics.