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To achieve special effects and textured surfaces aliphatic polyurethanes and high cross linked acrylic beads are the most suitable products guaranteeing high quality and an outstanding surface performance.

The advantages when using such products are numerous, for example?

as fully reacted duromers they are not thermoplastic and therefore cannot be deformed by temperature. A highly important point in terms of scrub and scratch resistance.
duromers are very stable in solvents; swelling is considerably reduced
since the beads are fully integrated in the resin matrix the achieved surface effect will not change during the whole lifetime of the varnish

In order to guarantee the high quality standard and the wide spectrum of application advantages DECOSOFT® and DECOSILK® ART are subject to a rigorous quality control. The various test methods we apply comply with international standards.

The increasing market and quality requirements are a daily challenge but one that we can meet. Don't hesitate. Count on us!